Curtain Call XVI -- Nude Live Theater Night: Making Porn

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The WildFyre Society presents another fabulous, nude live theater event, hosted by the Board of Directors, at Empire Stage Theatre in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday, March 12. It is located at 1140 N Flagler Dr.


There will be a pre-performance reception at 6:45 PM with light refreshments. The curtain rises at 8 PM. Bring a towel to sit on and a gym bag or backpack for your clothes. There is ample parking on the street. Public transit is available to within a few blocks of this location; get directions for bus or bike from your starting point.


Making Porn is Ronnie Larsen's hilarious, Off-Broadway hit play about the gay adult film industry in the 1980s. You may have heard about its tempestuous national tour, which rotated several actors through the leading role, including actual, former porn star Ryan Idol in 1998. Idol helped sell out a month of performances at Colony Theatre on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. This new production is a reprise for Empire Stage, which ran this play four years ago. Producer and cast member David R. Gordon starred in Empire’s 2010 production as well as in the national tour, but he plays a different role in this run.

Set in San Francisco, Making Porn focuses on the lives of six people involved in the gay pornographic film industry. Jack Hawk, a straight, out-of-work actor (played by Craig Moody, pictured), is hired by a gay porn producer, Arthur Mack, to star in Arthur’s newest porn movie, titled Cops. Included in the film’s cast are Ray Tanner, a jaded porn star of the ’70s, and a bright, young newcomer named Ricky. Complications arise when Jack’s wife, Linda, finds out about her husband’s new career and Arthur's long-time boyfriend and assistant, Jamie, falls in love with one of the actors. As you might expect from the subject matter, this performance contains a lot of nudity. Only two of the cast members remain clothed.


Admission is by advance ticket purchase; $25 per person. (Click on button below to sign up.) Maximum capacity is 59, and, as stated above, this performance is sold out.* We will have the reservation list at the theater for check-in. You may bring your e-mail receipt if you’d like, but it’s not required.

* GETTING TICKETS IF SPACE OPENS UP: It’s possible that individual cancellations may occasionally make a seat or two available between now and the performance. The way to find out whether any seats are available is to click on the “Buy Ticket(s)” button below. If the performance is still sold out, you will see the message, “Your item(s) sold out.” If, instead, you see an order summary form, that means that at least one seat is available.

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As of the day of this event, waitlist requests are no longer accepted. If you are purchasing more than one ticket, please enter the quantity and click on the Update link in the order summary form to calculate the total charge before proceeding to payment. Enter the first and last name(s) of your guest(s) where indicated in the payment form for proper credit and to facilitate your party's admission.

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