Butt HearthOverview


Most WildFyre Society events are open to members and non-members alike. Parties in private homes are for members only (and the accompanied guests that they include in their RSVP). Members may also get discounted entry to certain events and may advertise for free on our Classifieds page.

Current policy is to treat dues as an initiation fee; valid memberships are automatically extended each year for free, until further notice. Unfortunately,
the club is not registering any new members for the time being. Instead, interested men are welcome to subscribe to our e-mail list as non-member contacts, and they may attend nearly all of our events (except for a rare, members-only party).


Member vs. guest


Just because someone is on the club’s e-mail list does not mean that he is a member. Individuals that have submitted a completed membership application form with dues (or received a waiver for service to the club) since March 2000, and not terminated or suspended their membership through resignation or other cause, are members. Anyone else is a guest.


RSVP and no-show policies


Our event hosts plan for food, beverages, and other items based on the RSVPs we receive. You must RSVP by the cut-off date noted in each event invitation in order to attend. Some of our events have attendance caps, and space is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis in the order in which RSVPs are received.


Once you accept an invitation, let us know with as much notice as possible if you find you can not attend, but no later than the stated RSVP deadline. Do not be a no-show or late canceler! No-shows and post-deadline cancellations hurt the club by needlessly shutting out other members from limited-attendance parties, causing waste of food and other provisions, and diminishing the amount of funds raised for the worthy causes that the club supports from the proceeds of its events. Prior policy was to track no-shows and late cancelers and pursue them to make good on the missed donation at the next WildFyre event that they attended.


Due to continuing and major abuse of the club’s hospitality, the WildFyre Society has since been forced to adopt a zero-tolerance policy toward no-shows. Accordingly, except for extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances, anyone that RSVPs to attend a WildFyre event for which RSVPs are required and then doesn’t cancel by the stated RSVP deadline and doesn’t show up is removed permanently from the WildFyre contact list without further notice. If he is a registered member, his membership is revoked permanently without further notice.